Sunday, October 27, 2013

Book Sacrifice Tag

Hello lovely blog followers and Internet surfers! Welcome to our monthly Book Tag. I just discovered (literally, like, three minutes ago) the Book Sacrifice Tag. I saw this awesome YouTuber doing a really funny and creative version of this Book Tag, so that is what I'm hoping to do. I've linked the YouTuber, Ariel Bissett , so please go check her video out! So, this tag is called the Book Sacrifice Tag. These are all the books that you absolutely HATED and wouldn't feel bad about setting on fire. So, going along with Ariel Bissett, I am going to make a scenario in which you get to destroy all of the novels, sequels, and classics that you hated. Ready...Set...GO!

Alright, so you're sitting in Barnes n' Noble when BAM, Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters attack! However, you saw somewhere on the Internet that all evil characters from books HATE books that everyone was raving about that was actually a huge let down. You know exactly what to do. You run to the sci-fi section and grab...

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.
Okay, I had to read this book for my high school's book club and I thought that it was going to be really good. It had an interesting cover that reminded me of the video game, The Last of Us, and it had a really strong beginning. Of course, this book was a HUGE let down. The main character, Cassie, was really flat. She didn't really learn or do anything. Also, she fell in love with pretty much every guy she saw. It wasn't like she was a teenager who survived the end of the world. It was like she was a 13-year-old girl in the mall with her friend. Also, the ending to this book didn't answer any questions! There's a difference between ending a book with suspense and to just stop writing. This book just stopped. I know that sci-fi books are hard to write, but seriously. I just didn't like this book. At all. So, The 5th Wave gets thrown out the window of the Barnes n' Noble at Voldemort. No question about it.

The 5th Wave worked in scaring off Voldemort and his Death Eaters, but after they leave, Peace Keepers from the Capitol are trying to get into Barnes n' Noble! You remember that some friend told you that Peace Keepers HATE horrible sequels to an amazing first book. You run to the Teen Fiction section and you take...
New Moon by Stephenie Meyer.
New Moon was a horrible sequel to Twilight. Now, I know a lot of people hate the Twilight series in general. I used to hate it with a burning passion as well. However, I realized that Twilight isn't meant to be taken all that seriously. It's just supposed to be a sappy boy vampire meets girl book. All it is is a sappy love story. Going on with that argument, I HATED NEW MOON SO MUCH. Stephenie Meyer took a fun story and and totally killed it. Bella just sat around and did nothing. In my opinion, if the love of your teenage life breaks your heart, all it means is that you have to show them what they're missing, not mope around like a half-dead thing. The plot was non-existent, and the foreshadowing in the beginning of the book about the Volutri  was way to obvious. I can live with the 3rd and 4th book, but New Moon should feel ashamed of itself.

So FINALLY you drive away the Peace Keepers. However, aliens have now taken their place. However, you watched Ancient Aliens the other night for a laugh and you remembered that the "experts" said that all aliens had one major weakness. Horrible classics that should not be praised as much as they are. So you run to the Classics section and you pull out...
Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.
Alright, let's get something straight here. I love Les Mis. I love it so much that I have an Instagram account dedicated to pictures and posts about it. However, this book was TOO LONG. It was 1,232 or so pages. A majority of it was like the driest history book you've ever read. The other parts were about minor characters that you don't care what happens to them. The last minuscule part was the actual story that we all know and love. I read this whole book from cover to cover, and I have a piece of advice for all who think that they want to read the whole story. Don't. I never say, "Yes, you should read the abridged version." However, Les Miserables is the book that I believe should be printed in the abridged version. One last side note before I move on; Fellow Mizzies, please don't kill me. You know that I'm right.

Finally, all of the evil things happen and all of the bad books, you decide that you missed a horrible book that you want to burn. So you choose...
I hate Romeo and Juliet. I hate it. Juliet is 13 or 14 years old. She's basically a child being penalized for falling in love with some guy. However, my biggest problem with story is Romeo. Romeo is, like, 18 and he falls in love with a 14 year-old girl. Also, Romeo said that he would always love some other girl his own age until the end of time. Then he sees Juliet and falls in love with her almost immediately after he says that. Also, this story takes place within three days. In the span of 72 hours, Romeo and Juliet fall in love, get married, and kill themselves for each other. Also, why didn't Juliet just tell Romeo that she was going to fake kill herself and to not overreact? All in all, I really despise this story. Also, me being required to read this book this year isn't doing the Montagues and Capulates any favors.

This was my book sacrifice Book Tag. I really hope you guys liked this and thought that it was at leas a bit entertaining. Goodbye and I'll write you all soon.


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