Sunday, September 8, 2013

Unwind by Neil Shusterman

          Unwind, written by Neil Shusterman, is set in a time where abortion is finally outlawed, but something truly horrific has taken its place. The Unwind operation. Unwinding was the compromise made to appease both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice parties. The compromise was simple; children from conception to the age of thirteen had to be legally taken care of by either their parents, guardians, or the government. However, once the children reach the ages between thirteen and eighteen, their parents can sign a form and send them away to harvest camps and to be Unwound.

          No one is quite sure exactly what happens during the Unwinding operation, but everyone knows the result. Every child who is sent into the harvest never comes out whole. During the operation, children have every useful part of their body harvested and used in operations for people who are in desperate need of replacement body parts.

          Unwind follows the story of Connor, a delinquent who is too difficult for his parents to control, Risa, who is being cut due to lack of funding for her government home and school, and Lev, who is a tithe and wants to be Unwound for religious reasons. They all have one thing in common: they all have a one way ticket to a harvest camp .

          Follow Neil Shusterman’s suspenseful and chilling novel as you travel to the near-future. This book had adventure, romance, a bit of humor, and sobering reality of what could happen to the human race. I thought that Unwind was a great book that really captured the views of the world. Although I enjoyed this book, this blogger feels the need to warn you that Unwind was a bit of a creepy book at some parts. If you do not enjoy creepy/suspenseful novels, I suggest that you avoid this book.


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