Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Tidal (Watersong #3) 
Author: Amanda Hocking
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Release Date: June 4th, 2013
Recommended Age: High School
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Tidal continues the story of the Watersong Quartet.  I really loved this book, just like I loved the previous books in the series.  The character relationships continue to develop and grow, and the siren mythology is expanded on as well.  I'm excited to read Elegy, the final book in the series.


In this book, Gemma and Harper are still trying to figure out how to break the siren curse in a way that doesn't end in Gemma's death.  Harper's library coworker, Marcy, has a friend who knows about mythology.  They go meet her, and she tells them about the scroll.  The scroll contains all the information about the curse, possibly including how to break it.  Gemma knows she must find this scroll, and the sirens probably have it with them.  Searching for the scroll is an important part of this book.

Harper and Daniel are officially a couple by the beginning of this book.  They are so cute together.  I liked their dates that they went on.  Unfortunately for Daniel, Penn has an obsession with him.  She wants to be with him.  She is also fascinated because he can resist the siren song.  In this book, we do find out why he is immune to their song.  Daniel makes a deal with Penn.  I won't say what the deal is, but it will interesting to see whether or not he follows through with the deal in the next book.

Alex is dealing with the repercussions of what Gemma did to him at the end of Lullaby.  She used her siren song on him to convince him that he didn't love her, but she didn't know how much that would mess him up.  Alex no longer really cares about anything, and it feels like he is missing a part of him.  He starts drinking and getting in fights.  He wakes up every morning hating Gemma, but part of him knows that he is actually supposed to love her.  Gemma realizes that she must find a way to undo what she did to him.

If you like YA paranormal, read this book.


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